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At Westco Drilling & Piles Ltd. we offer a design-build service to allow for a convenient option of dealing with one contract entity, instead of several contractors and consultants. 

Benefits of going with the design-build phase as one entity allows for addressing project design and construction building requirements as well as keeping within the budget and schedule parameters, which would result in less potential for project escalation.  

Westco Drilling & Piles Ltd. likes to bring all project team members together in the design phase fostering a more successful partnership with this design-build approach. 
Pipe Piles

Pipe Piles are similar to H-Piles which are designed to transfer structural loads through the foundation to soils below. Pipe piles are most efficient as friction piles and have substantial surface area that interacts with the surrounding soil to provide great frictional load resistance.

Driven Pile Foundations

The addition of the Liebherr LRH 100 Pile Driver has increased Westco Drilling & Piles Ltd. scope of work from the Cast in Place Concrete Piles and Continuous Flight Auger capabilities to introducing driven pile foundations. 

Different types of driven pile foundations are H-Piles, Pipe piles and Timber Piles.

Timber Piles

​Timber Piles are large debarked, pressure-treated straight logs that are driven into the ground as foundation support.

Timber piles are best utilized in moist soil conditions.

Advantages of timber piles is that the piles are easy to handle, they are relatively inexpensive where timber is plentiful and sections can be joined together and excess length easily removed.

Friction End Bearing Piles

Westco Drilling & Piles Ltd. has the ability to drill single drilled shafts with large diameters to support the load offering friction end-bearing pile.

These piles transfer their load on to a firm stratum located at a considerable depth below the base of the structure and they derive most of their carrying capacity from the penetration resistance of the soil at the base of the pile.

An extension of the end bearing pile is needed when the bearing stratum is not hard, such as firm clay. The pile is driven far enough into the lower material to develop adequate frictional resistance. A farther variation of the end bearing pile are piles with enlarged bearing areas. This is achieved by forcing a bulb of concrete into the soft stratum immediately above the firm layer to give an enlarged base. 

A similar effect is produced with bored piles by forming a large cone or bell at the bottom with a special reaming tool. Bored piles which are provided with a bell have a high tensile strength and can be used as tension piles.

H-Piles are classified as point bearing and are dimensionally square structural beams that are driven into the ground for deep foundation applications. 

H-Piles are manufactured and designed to transfer structural loads to bearing soils deep into earth's geology. 

Westco Drilling also offers the service of splicing the H-Piles when needing to extend the length of the pile. 
Continuous Flight Auger Capabilities

CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) technology joins the advantages of fixed piles with the versatility of application of drilled piles. Continuous Flight Auger piles are performed with a partial soil removal, thus with a lateral soil compression that increases the final load bearing capacity. The construction procedure consists of boring the soil by means of a continuous flight auger assembled on a central hollow pipe. On completion of boring operation, the auger is extracted while concrete is poured throughout the internal hollow pipe. When required, piles may be reinforced for their entire length with reinforcement cages inserted in the still wet concrete.


The method can be utilised in a wide range of cohesive and cohesionless soils, with or without the presence of a water-bearing stratum and without bentonite fluid as wall support.

The technology does not produce shocks, vibrations, noise, allowing  work in urban areas.

The minimum required equipment allows to minimise the job site installation plant and to operate in very restricted areas.

High industrial production rates can be easily reached.

Technical data

Pile diameter: 400 to 1400 mm
Depth: 15 to 33 m depending on soil diameter and consistency.

Cast in Place Concrete Piles

Westco Drilling & Piles Ltd. is very successful in the completion of cast in place concrete piles that are based on geotechnical design.

We also offer services in foundation drilling, steel reinforcement and concrete placement.

For structures with considerable weight, we drill large diameter shafts for wider concrete piles.  Our drilling diameter ranges from 1' 4" - 10'  and up to a depth of 130'. 

Casing is utilized when needed  due to soil sloughing and water infiltration which  is found in the form of temporary, segmental and permanent.


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